Open Plan Office Space

Should You Have An Open Plan Office Space?

In this era of modernization and aesthetics, while there are many different types of office layouts, open plan offices are gaining popularity. These spaces help recognize employee individuality while maintaining a well-balanced office environment.

An open plan office space removes all physical barriers between employees, bringing them out from their separate cubicles, and allowing them to sit, think, coordinate and work together for a progressive outlook.

But before diving in, many things need considering before turning your office into an open plan one.

What is an Open Plan Office Space?

As its name suggests, an open plan office refers to a communal corporate environment rather than being separated. This is achieved by placing rows of desks for employees side by side without boundaries or large partitions.

The idea behind this concept is that when people are allowed to mingle, talk and work in a shared space, they tend to feel fresh and remain active for a more extended period.

This concept has received mixed reviews and differing opinions from employers. Some oppose the idea, while others see the benefits and appreciate the view.

Advantages of An Open Plan Office Space

A much more close-knitted, confident and interactive office staff sounds like a dream for any corporation, and that too while being budget-friendly! So, to further help you decide, here are some advantages of setting up an open plan office space.


Since all the employees get to share a common space, they will be more likely to interact and discuss. As a result, it will promote teamwork among them. There is a much higher chance of people connecting and reaching out more while building confidence and instigating direct communication. There will be less disruption, and everyone can talk directly instead of relying on emails, saving precious time in the process.


Whether you are on a budget or just want to explore the open plan office space environment, we’re sure you’ll like it. An open plan office space effectively utilizes smaller spaces. Plus, desks cost way less than building proper individual cubicles, which saves money.

Better Office Environment

The open plan office space environment breaks the typical norm of issues related to the office culture, such as people being secretive, silent, or uncommunicative. When everyone sits together, side by side, there is a feeling of equity and unity among the employees. They become much more confident in approaching their coworkers and even their managers and heads. This builds reliability and trust among the employees, too. As juniors and heads all sit together, it removes the sense of dominance while inciting respect and communication.

Disadvantages of An Open Plan Office Space

All good things come with their cons as well. Hence, this seemingly great concept has its fair share of issues and drawbacks. Discussed below are some disadvantages to help you make a better decision and investment for the future.

Limited Productivity

There have been major concerns over the importance of losing individuality due to the open plan office space environment. When everyone sits together, there is a higher chance of distraction and lack of creative thinking. Individualistic thinking of employees is essential for a company’s success. There may be a higher probability of dullness and futile outputs when creative thought gets hindered due to such an intermixed environment.

Lack of Privacy

There is an extreme lack of privacy when it comes to an open plan office space environment. With everyone being together all the time, employees may feel tense and anxious because they feel like they don’t have the right to work, think or communicate with someone or be by themselves privately. As a result, they lose focus and are unproductive. And it’s especially a nightmare for employees who are introverts or prefer to work alone.

Effects on Health

Good health is a major concern for everyone. As we can imagine, working in proximity, sitting together, and sharing things with everyone can hinder an active and healthy office environment. One ill person can infect everyone in the office due to the open space. So, it is always crucial to take the necessary precautions when going for an open plan set up for your office.

Final Thoughts On Open Space Office Plans

The decision for whether or not you should go for an open plan office comes down to a number of factors, such as the type of business and the nature of the staff. Whatever proves to be productive and advantageous for the employees would be the best decision for you!

Regardless of what route you decide make sure to plan your office design carefully to incorporate your individual business needs.